A rich meadow finds its way to a vacant shop front in the centre of the city. At night, as life disappears from the streets and the lights switch on, the images come to life.

The exhibition’s title FROM THERE mirrors a previous exhibition titled FROM HERE, shown at art centre Regelbau 411, Oddesund in Thyholm, where artist Karen Bohøj was on residency, and documented the views – looking outwards – from local residents' windows in the area.

The current exhibition FROM THERE makes use of unseen photographs taken during this residency in Thyholm. Here in Copenhagen, observed from the street in an urban environment, we look inwards into a shop which is currently for sale; a space in transformation. Bohøj’s photographs depict an intimate and romantic encounter with the rural landscape; flowers in full bloom, buds on the cusp of opening, and grasses in green hues gently brush against each other.

Images can plant seeds for new thought. FROM THERE points to imagined visualisations of what was once here before, and what might come. In doing so, the exhibition poses the questions: What space, narratives, and environments do we navigate within? What relationships exist between rural and urban places? And, what is it we imagine for our common future?

The exhibition is curated by Lee Mann.

FROM THERE is on show from 9 July until 24 July 2020, Vesterbrogade 127A. Though the artwork is visible during the day, the exhibition is officially open when the lights are on between 8pm–12pm every night.

The exhibition is kindly supported by Snabslanten and Aspekt Visuel Kommunikation.