Herfra / From Here

The exhibition “From Here” was created based on the artist Karen Bohøj’s stay in and around the art centre in the summer of 2019. Bohøj has been asked to create an exhibition specifically for Regelbau 411. She has been present here, met the locals and gotten to know the place as an anthropologist. Bohøj is not from here. She is looking at a place. The exhibition can be experienced as an aesthetic investigation of Oddesund and the people who live here. The works in the exhibition show Bohøj’s interest in that which is special about a site at all. How does one show a place? What images can capture the particular spirit of a place?

Regelbau 411 is an art centre for international sound, light and video art. The art centre presents site specific exhibitions - exhibitions created for particular architecture and acoustics of the bunkers.